Put Wind In Your Sails – 22 Blogs For Business Success You Need To Bookmark Now

Miss that gust of wind and you get left behind

I wrote a post not long ago about people that inspire me the most and I asked the question – who inspires you? As strange as it might seem – many on the list were bloggers.  Perhaps its the accessibility, or perhaps its because the internet has had such a profound influence over my life decisions in the past year that I feel compelled to mention them because I spent so much time reading about their experiences.  In any case – there’s no denying that you can learn an incredible amount information by followings blogs to help you be successful in business.  The problem is there’s also a lot of garbage out there.  With millions of blogs out there how do you separate the wheat from the chaff?  The good from the bad? The sheep from the goats? Alright I think you get the idea.  I’ve got a list that’ll help you get started.

The categories are Marketing, Social Media, Small Business, Blogging & Online Business, Personal Development and Travel.  This is prelude to a resources page that I’m building that will include all the best blogs, along with links to my favorite books, ebooks and other good stuff.

So here’s the big ‘ol list.


IttyBiz – Fellow Canadian Naomi Dunford has managed to build a strong following in a few short years with her refreshingly unique style of writing.  Check out her site for free courses on Small Business Marketing, along with a plethora of premium content including Search Engine Optimization, Consulting and How to market using Social Media.

Seth Godin - This is the place to start for all things marketing, I personally refer to Seth’s blog and his books all the time.   I can’t sing the praises more for this Godfather of Marketing.

Jonathan Fields, Awake @ The Wheel - Blogger, marketer, consultant, tribe leader.  This guy does it all and I’m a huge fan of his “conversations, strategies & solutions at the crossroads of work, play, entrepreneurship, & life”.

Copyblogger - When it comes to Internet marketing, especially  promoting your business through blogging, there is no better place.  Thousands of companies rely on their tips & advice.  I’m a current subscriber of their newsletter – Internet Marketing for Smart People.

Social Media

Chris Brogan – Author of books like Trust Agents and Social Media 101, Chris is the authority when it comes to helping businesses improve online business communications.  He’s been blogging as long as the internet is old.

Mashable - Pete Cashmore’s well-known hub of all things trending in social media.  A great source for what’s relevant to your business, right now.

Social Media Examiner - New to Social Media? This is the place to start, develop, and enhance your knowledge of social media and social media strategy.

Small Business Development

Productive Flourishing – I discovered Charley Gilkey through Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit.  He really knows his stuff, and he comes across as so determined to help people’s business flourish that its hard to believe he doesn’t do it for free.  Incredibly genuine, his methods for organizing your business life are invaluable.

The Art of Non-Comformity with Chris Guillebeau – I talk so much about Chris people probably think I’m messed in the head.  All jokes aside, his writing, guides, and products are what inspired me to build and start this blog.

Escape from Cubicle Nation – Pam Slim is genuine after hearing her voice you feel as though you’ve known her for years.  It’s not surprise then that after years in the consulting business she took up small business coaching on the web.  A definite must-visit for any budding entrepreneur.

American Express OPEN FORUM – Practical and engaging tips written by an assortment of real businesspeople and entrepreneurs ranging from Richard Branson, Guy Kawasaki to Amber Mac.

Blogging / Online Business

Tim Ferriss Blog – When I picked up his book “The Four Hour Work Week” I was a bit of a skeptic, now after I’ve seen countless people achieve exactly what he’s written about, I’m convinced.  His blog and website have a plethora of ideas in everything ranging from marketing, blogging to angel investing.

ProBlogger – Likely the most well-known and popular blog about professional blogging on the web.  Their book on the subject was a bestseller and was the reason for the explosion of blogs on the internet in the past 10 years.

ViperChill - This 20 year-old  blogger started writing on the internet before he hit puberty.  Now he’s on the most respected authorities on the web – writing about everything from Search Engine Optimization to Viral Marketing.  Oh, and he makes a monthly 5 figure income.  Not bad… not bad…

ThinkTraffic – How do you get traffic to your blog? You’re not Facebook. You can’t build it and expect that they will come.  Spend 30 minutes on this website and you will be 10x smarter about getting traffic to your website.

Personal Development

Rock Your Day - Dave Navarro provides you with a swift kick in the ass every Monday morning.  In case Monday morning’s weren’t bad enough.  But seriously, Rock Your Day is full of amazing tips for Time Management and Business Productivity.  And I’m envious of his blog design – real smooth on the eyes.

Illuminated Mind – This website just screams – Get Your Shit Together.  Don’t read this website if you want to be ordinary (their phrase, not mine).

Zen Habits - Leo Barbauta lives in Guam, but the entire world tunes to read up about his daily doses of Zen.

Get Rich Slowly - You won’t find a better resource on managing money and financial education.  The sheer volume and down-to-earth nature writing really spoke to me when I first started reading, and I’m still applying a lot of his methods to this day. This type of education was not included in your $20,000 degree (twice that if your from the U.S.)


Thrilling Heroics – Lifestyle business guru Cody McKibben gives your everything  you need to take your business anywhere.

Vagablogging – When it comes to travel hacking, Rolf Potts is the man and the inspiration.  As an avid traveler myself I’m a huge fan of his lifestyle and its an absolute must if you want to be a smarter traveler.

Business Backpacker – A community for the ever-growing community of location-independent entrepreneurs.

I hope that gives you a perspective of some of the places I frequent and the cool stuff that’s out there.  It’s a lot to take in, but it will save you a lot of Google headaches trying to track this stuff down later on. Check out a few sites, bookmark ‘em, then come back and check out a few more.

What do you think of this list?  Do you recommend any others for our readers in any of these categories, and if so, why? Leave your comments by clicking on the bubble below.

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